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Harrison, MI

Deer Trail Motel- Motel Services | Harrison, MI

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It goes without saying that a holiday destination is incomplete, if there are no local attractions to keep you excited. Moreover, if you are looking to go on a stress-busting holiday to relax, it is meaningless if you are going to spend all your time within the four walls of your room. At Deer Trail Motel, you can be certain to have an eventful holiday with some stunning activities to keep you alive!

  • Single rooms

  • Double rooms

  • Family rooms

  • Hunting, fishing (in the vicinity)

  • 20 lakes within 20 minutes

We are a locally-owned business with 23 years of experience. We're proud to deliver unsurpassed motel services to our valuable customers in Harrison, MI.

Have an eventful holiday

A rich experience

From cable TVs and in-room phones to coffee makers and mini-fridges, all our 12 rooms are fully equipped with first class facilities. Plan your holiday with us, and have a great time with friends and family. Our team of professionals will be glad to have you over and make sure you get hospitality services that will go down the memory lane.

A variety of exciting facilities

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